About Us

Our prime focus is in providing expert-level IT solutions & consulting services to clients engaged in enterprise applications development, implementation and upgrade projects. At Rsquare Solutions, we believe that excellence in the design, development management and delivery of IT systems are the key to supporting business initiatives, effective business change and continuous improvement within any organizations.

Our team of consultants leverages Project management methodologies like PMI/Agile technologies, tools and best practices to identify and deliver efficiently and cost-effective approaches to enhance your overall productivity (ROI).

Rsquare Solutions had helped organizations IT departments looking at strategies to help tackle some of these demands include:

  • Maximizing their ERP investments & Modernizing Legacy Applications

  • Optimizing their IT infrastructure

  • Propelling Integration effectiveness

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting services

We have experience to address implementation and Reimplementation & Upgrade for our clients with repeatable, costcontrolled, industry best practices. We ensured success of our client’s projects using best methodologies, proven team members and Project & Risk management. As part of our methodology, we provide conference room pilots, training, knowledge transfer and Hosted sand-box environments to our clients.